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Otagocancel offers you real freedom with Email and TXT Alerts

Email alerts are free! But you will need to be near a computer
TXT alerts give you the ultimate freedom - wherever you are*

TXT alerts cost only 50c per message received.

You will only receive a message when your game/event has been cancelled, postponed or transferred by your sports administrator**.

For example if your game/event is cancelled 2 times throughout the season and you are registered for TXT alerts the total cost debited from your telephone account will be $1.00.

**NOTE: Otagocancel employees do not send messages - all notifications are sent by the sports administrator responsible for managing your sport.

How does it work?

Step 2. Complete the application and select the AREA, SPORT and then from the drop-down menu select the TEAM you wish to receive TXT and/or Email alerts for. Now email alerts are set-up

Step 3. TXT Alerts - once the application is saved you'll receive an email (Check JUNK mail as well) with a special number, for example 4c0c2dbc that you will need to text to 5406 to confirm your mobile number. Note: quote marks and username are not required - the text needs only the special number.

Step 4. We'll send you an instant reply to your mobile, confirming the number is now ready to receive TXT alerts for the team you selected in your initial application

NOTE: If you play in more than one team or have children in different sports you can still receive TXT alerts for all these sports using the same login - just go to ALERTS SET-UP once you have logged on to add more alerts

Step 6. Wait for a rainy day or pitch water logged or severe frost or no ref and you'll receive a TXT / Email Alert message from Otagocancel

Terms of Use for Alerts
You are responsible for setting up, managing and canceling your own TXT / Email Alerts service.

Neither the Sport Administrator or Otagocancel takes any responsibility for the performance of New Zealand's Mobile Network Operators (Vodafone and Telecom and anyone else) delivery of messages and subsequently accepts no liability whatsoever for message not being delivered.

Furthermore Otagocancel accepts no responsibility for canceling, transferring, or postponing an event or creating and sending these messages in a timely manner. Subsequently Otagocancel accepts no liability whatsoever for the performance of the administrators job.